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Custom Muzzle Core Effects 

This Mod edits the Particle Effect of the Navy Revolver.
The Goal was to combine the Flash Effects of the RPG, and its Color,
with the Smoke Effects of the Navy Revolver and the Muzzle Core of the Mini SMG.

Thanks to Codewalker we can edit their Particle Files

Edited YPT Particle Effect
Custom Flash Effect
Custom Flash Color
Smoke Effect from Double Action Revolver/ Navy Revolver
Edited Muzzle Core Texture
Effect works on all Weapons
OIV Automatic Installer

Packfile Limit Adjuster
Dilapidated Gameconfig

Kill Cam
Blood & Gore
Special Abilities Edits
Little Jacob Contact
Poorsouls Weapon Sounds

Big Thanks to dexyfex for CodeWalker
Without Codewalker this wouldnt be possible
Get the latest Release from his Discord

Thanks to sollaholla for his Forumpost about Weapons.meta Flags and Hashes
Thanks to Razed for his Weapon Edits in NVE

Feel free to add Videos. The upload status is open so anyone can add their video to this mod page

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