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Realistic Guns Sounds

Tired of terrible vanilla weapons sounds? Then this mod is exactly for you. New sounds will make your gunfight more enjoyable. Make sure your audio device plays sounds correctly in both left and right audio channels.

Read “Installation.txt” in archive with mod.

Mod was tested on latest game version and it works perfectly. If your game crashes after installing the mod, make sure RGS doesn’t conflict with any mods you installed before.
Installation might take up to 3-5 minutes. Please, be patient.
While installation is being processed, don’t do anything, otherwise mod will install with errors.
Feel free to share this modification wherever you want, but don’t forget to mention all authors.
If you want to use this modification in your modpack (modpack that you probably going to upload somewhere) ask me for permission.
Using this mod as base or using any resources of this mod is prohibited.
If you didn’t liked new version for some reason you can always download old ones.
Recommended for better experience:
If you want to get compatibility with some of your favourite mods with this one contact me via Discord: XENORT #4615.
To keep yourself updated:

Added compatibility with FiveM (special thanks to Kevin.L852)
Added “Sounds Only” installation method
Added automatic uninstallation
Added “Classic” version (latest RGS version but with original weapon fire sounds by 420×420 and MaoBO)
New sounds for Military Rifle
New sounds for Perico Pistol
Improved sounds for Assault Rifle
Improved sounds for Carbine Rifle
Improved sounds for MG
Improved sounds for Combat MG
Improved sounds for Combat Pistol
Slightly improved echo sound effects
Slightly improved weapon reloading and handling sounds
Minor fixes and improvements
Recreated weapon fire sounds
Recreated weapon reloading sounds
New sound for Navy Revolver
New sound for Revolver
New sound for Double Action Revolver
Improved echo sound effects
Improved weapon handling sounds
Improved collision sounds once again (ragdoll fall sounds, bullet hit sounds etc.)
New sounds for melee fights
New sounds for shell casings
Other bug fixes and improvements
Fixed sound issue with revolver chamber
Improved “shell insert” sound for Doublebarrel Shotgun
Improved “mag in” sound for sniper rifles
New sound for Assault Rifle
New sound for Micro SMG
New sound for Compact Rifle
Improved sound for Vintage Pistol
Improved sound for Combat MG
Improved sound for Bullpup Shotgun
Increased volume of Combat Pistol and Pistol .50
Minor bug fixes and improvements
Added optional installation method without all “weapons.meta” and muzzle flash files
Recreated weapon reloading sounds
New weapon handling sounds
New sounds for Revolver
New sounds for Doublebarrel Shotgun
Improved collision sounds (ragdoll fall sounds, bullet hit sounds etc.)
Added HD muzzle flash
Improved effects for all weapons
Various sound adjustments
Various bug fixes
Compatibility with latest GTA V patch
Corrected .oiv installer
Changed MP5 “mag in” sound
Changed “mag out” assault rifles sound
Changed SMGs “bolt back” sound
Made pistol slightly quieter
Added “Reworked Taser Sound 1.0.0” by ThisIsntMyName
Full .oiv installation
Fixed bugged Carbine Rifle MK2 sound
Fixed a bug when colors didn’t work on MK2 weapons
Fixed drum magazines
Added .oiv installation
Fixed Carbine Rifle sound
Fixed Advanced Rifle sound
Changed “bolt back” sound for SMGs
Fixed missing echo sound effects
Reworked Assault Rifles reloading sounds
Recreated weapon reloading sounds
Fixed Firework Launcher bug
Fixed bugged Assault Rifle sound

Reloading sounds, weapon fire sounds, mixing/editing and other fixes and improvements
 420×420, MaoBO
Original weapon fire sounds (
Realistic taser sound (


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