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The Last of Us Inspired M16A4

Katka – M16A4, Rear Sight, Rail covers, Magazine
The Law – Stock
Raider3DWeapons – Foregrip

Decided to do something different. I used various parts from gun models to make a rifle that resembles the one from The Last of Us.

I used Katka’s Insurgency M16A4 as a base for the weapon. I then added the rear sights from the MK18, the rail covers from Insurgency, the stock from Escape from Tarkov and the magazine from Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The assault rifle in the Last of US is an M16A4 with a collapsible buttstock and fully-automatic capability. It has an A4 upper receiver and an M4 lower receiver. It is equipped with an LMT rear sight and a CAA FVG5 foldable vertical foregrip that doubles as a flashlight. It is the last weapon that Joel acquires in the game and cannot be customized.

Replaces the Carbine Rifle.

Fully animated
Working collision data
Attachment compatible (Sorta, can’t use scopes or grips but everything else is fine)
2K textures

Please note:
The iron sights line up somewhat but aren’t perfect.
Animations work flawlessly.


Just extract the archive and place the files in


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